speeches of Hon’s In Lumbini

Right Hon’ble Prime Minister
Venerable Monks and Nuns
Respected national and international scholars and delegates
Ladies and Gentlemen

It is a matter of great pleasure for me that International Buddhist Conference has come to a successful conclusion. It became possible due to our common efforts and contribution. Your active participation and contribution has greatly widened the area of cooperation for promoting Buddhist philosophy around the world. The conference has also contributed much in promotion of Lumbini as the birthplace and fountain of Buddhism and world peace.

I take this opportunity to pay my sincere gratefulness to the Chief Guest Rt. Hon. Prime Minister for inaugurating this Conference. Rt. Hon. has highlighted the significance of the theme on the basis of the Buddhist beliefs and philosophy. I would like to thank keynote speaker for his eloquent and thought-provoking speech. Let me express my profound thanks and sincere appreciation to the distinguished participants for their invaluable contribution in this regard.

The enthusiasm shown by the distinguished delegates through their active participation has, indeed, enriched our energy to redouble our efforts to expedite the development of Lumbini.

Buddha- the light of World and embodiment of love and peace-has always been a source of inspiration and motivation for the people across the world. Buddhism is considered by many people as most scientific religion in the world based on humanity and harmony. His messages are still relevant in the modern world despite many changes taking place every now and then. I am sure the erudite delegates had made extensive discussion on this theme:

‘Lumbini Nepal: The Birthplace of Lord Buddha and the Fountain of Buddhism and World Peace’ and have come to the logical conclusion to promote Buddha’s teachings for world peace.

The Two-day conference has opened a chapter for philosophical and academic discussion on the birthplace of Lord Buddha and his teachings. I am sure this conference proved to be a milestone to dispel the myth related to Lord Buddha. The papers presented in the conference and discussions over them would obviously contribute to explore different sides of Buddhist philosophy. I am sure the Conference like this would help in expounding the Buddhist philosophy in the broader sense and its impact on the public life.

Buddha said, “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world”. So let’s join our hands together to build the world that Lord Buddha had foreseen for us. Let Buddha, Dharma and Sangha be our motto of life. In Nepal, Buddhism is not only a religion but a way of life that people follow everyday. Buddhism is a part of culture and tradition. Buddha has inspired many kings and emperors to relinquish bloody wars and to devote their life for peace and well being of human being. Nepal being a birthplace of Lord Buddha, it is our responsibility to initiate the process of world peace through conference like this.

Nepal has always been a sacred place for true spiritualism and philosophy. Lumbini is the perfect place to spread the message of Buddha and his philosophy through this conference. I truly believe that his philosophy is for the mankind, for peace in the world. This Conference would be fruitful for all mankind expounding the true values propagated by Buddha.

It is my belief that our distinguished guests, who have come to participate in this conference from different countries, will carry the message of Lord Buddha with them back home. It is right time for all of us to move ahead together hand in hand to materialize our common goal- the world peace. I personally and on behalf of Government of Nepal, would like to extend my sincere thanks for honouring us with your kind presence. I pray that Let Compassionate Lord Buddha bestow on all of us blessings of peace, prosperity and happiness.

Rabindra Adhikari
Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation

Note, speeches of Hon. Minister Rabindra Adhikari for 2562nd Buddha Jayanti Celebration and International Buddhist Conference.